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Exhibition hall at Cape Town International Convention Centre.
Managing information regarding supplier contact details, financial transactions taking place from start to finish of the event, and all the business operations is critical. Who you hired and when? How much advance was paid? Who is owed what? On what terms and conditions? Who is in charge of what?
Questions you will be unable to answer if you suffer even partial data loss.

Information Management is about organizing, maintaining and being able to retrieve that information.

It is also about having a back-up system as a fail-safe.

The back-up computer should not even be on the same premises as the operating computer - in case of fire for example. There is also no point in having information backed up on discs carried in the same bag as your lap top that just went "missing".For small events, you could do information management by yourself, if you are not doing too much else. However the bigger the event gets events the more you will require an information manager. This information manager could have a couple of assistants depending upon the size of the event.

An information manager is responsible for maintaining database of service providers, such as decorators, technicians, DJ, anchor, florist, artists, ushers etc, as well as keeping track of guests, sponsors, partners, organizers, delegates, speakers, media people, clients and target audience.

The information manager is also responsible for documenting all such activities. In the case of meetings or conferences, this person is the responsible for ensuring the recording of the proceedings.

The risk management plan related to loss of data due to data theft, hard disk failure or building fire is the information managers responsibility.

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