An Event Planners Model for Conference and Event Management
Organizing Teams

No conference or event can be managed in the same way. Successful event planners set up an organizing committee, and delegate responsibility. This guideline can can be adapted to your own event management requirements.It details typical roles and responsibilities of committee / team members and leadership which could be drawn from either inside or outside your organization. Your organization structure could look like this if you have a large company. On the other hand a smaller company could see some personnel doubling up on the tasks set out below.

The Various Teams for Task Allocation

  • Event Manager
  • Planning Team
  • Presentation Team
  • Publication / Website Production Team
  • PR Team
  • Onsite Management Team
  • Finance / Sponsorship Committee
  • Registration Management Team
  • Exhibit / Tradeshow Liaison

Event Manager

  • Top Dog: Directs the efforts of working teams
  • Creates chain of command and decision-making
  • Plays a consulting role offering experienced insight
  • Leads key organizational meeting planning

Planning Team

  • Made up of the Team Leaders from each team
  • In charge of overall conference / event coordination
  • Oversees timing and scheduling, to ensure everything happens on time

Presentation Team

  • Identifies extent and content of conference program
  • Recruits prospective presenters and session organizers
  • Co-ordinates keynote sessions
  • Organizes sessions and select session chairs
  • Sets guidelines for speakers
  • Establishes onsite audio/visual and IT needs
  • Co-ordinates speaker appreciation gifts and session evaluations

Publication / Website Production Team

  • Brands the event with conference logo or annual theme
  • Handles production of print and online media

Designs and handles production of:

  • corporate conference letterhead for delegate communication
  • event program, session handouts and evaluation forms
  • delegate and media badges
  • banners, decor, bunting
  • onsite signage, for meeting rooms and presenters

PR Team

  • Publicises the call for presenters
  • Creates the media list for event promotion and coverage
  • Builds attendance by including date on event calendars
  • Produces any desired advertising or direct mail
  • Prepares and writes promotional pre and post-conference materials

Finance/Sponsorship Team

  • Oversees fiscal responsibilities and approval process
  • Determines the overall budget
  • Engages support or in-kind contributions from sponsors, where needed
  • Monitors cash flow
  • Records income and expenses
  • Creates ongoing financial reports and updates
  • Compiles final report

Onsite Management Team

  • Assists in selection of hotels and venue facilities
  • Liaises with Presentation Committee
  • Liaises with hotels, destination management company and other suppliers
  • Plans delegate activities
  • Plans social programs and functions
  • Plans food and beverage needs
  • Ensures Disaster Management compliance
  • Ensures Fire and Para-Medic compliance

Registration Committee

  • Updates registration forms/online links
  • Establishes payment policy
  • Handles onsite operation and management
  • Assembles registration packages

The Exhibit or Tradeshow Committee

  • Oversees development of exhibits or displays
  • Promotes event to prospective exhibitors
  • Manages spatial environment layout
  • Liaises with meeting venue management
  • Manages exhibitor registration
  • Develops an exhibit guide

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