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Product Launch Events, A Guide for Success

What makes your product launch event a success, is it the people, the place, the organisation or the freebies? In truth it's all of the above and more, however there is no particular formula to guide everyone.

Strategy Guide For a Successful Product Launch Event

There are many product launch websites, books and down-loadable guides to trawl through, all promising success but two factors stand out - a good team and a well thought out plan. This comprehensive product launch guide will also help to make your product launch event a success. Crafting a successful product launch event is an art and a science. To alleviate extreme pressure there has to be enormous attention to detail and timely delegation.

If your product launch event team is inexperienced, ensure that you hire a successful professional to guide the process or choose an exceptional product launch venue for guidance, great service and ability to put on a successful show.

Siyabona Conferencing and Incentive Travel has the skills and buying power to source the perfect venue and handle every aspect of your product launch event.

Devise an imaginative and memorable promotional campaign for your product

Successful marketing is critical, both internally and externally. Collaborate with all product launch stakeholders for a seamless and dynamic delivery in a novel way; this applies to media liaison as well.

Have specific product launch event objectives

Know what these are when you want to create an inspirational and motivational live product launch event. Ensure there is a good mix of services and expertise to meet these objectives successfully:
  • Have a disciplined process
  • Decide on the desired ambiance and decor, also who cleans up?
  • Any themes must be consistent throughout and relevant
  • Arrange quotes and get them approved in line with the budget
  • The better the venue the less time and expense needed
  • What will the venue accept e.g. decor; entertainment; technology
  • Find suitable entertainment of note: preview and cross reference
  • Entertainment can be people, places and objects
  • Understand and apply the drinks budget: always have enough
  • Pick suitable food e.g. no-mess foods while mingling; vegetarian options
  • ALWAYS check the latest weather forecast and have back-up plans
  • Arrange quality photographers and related services
  • Do have innovative free gifts and promotional packs ready
  • Co-ordinate accommodation and transport if needed, well in advance
  • Meet and greet VIP's on arrival: know who should go where
  • Presentation is everything right down to name tags and table cards

Analyse product launch event technical requirements

Do not underestimate this point. Well managed technology is fundamental to any successful event and is the bedrock around which valuable resources and time is released for other creative endeavours:
  • Undertake a site evaluation, cross reference to entertainment needs
  • Oversee technical management and installation
  • Establish audio, video, lighting, scenic design and construction needs
  • Plan satellite and web cast productions
  • Organise PowerPoint and creative graphic design
  • Arrange the install and take-down services
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